Bogdanka - Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne
Bogdanka Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne - okolica
Bogdanka's Neighbourhood

The nearest

Jezioro Jeziorak - Bogdanka 200 meters away from BOGDANKA there is Jeziorak - the longest and sixth the biggest, in respect to surface, lake in Poland. On Jeziorak Lake there are a lot of bays, peninsulas and 16 islands of which the biggest are Wielki Ostrów (Wielka Żuława) and Wielki Bukowiec. Lake is connected with Elbląski Channel. The lakeside is afforested - northern is high and southern is low.

Makowo is located directly by Jeziorak that has the biggest inland island in Europe. There are plenty of small islands and the reserve of cormorants. It is situated among mixed forest, where a lot of paths convenient for walking and biking have been created. Yachts dominate on the lake. Motorboats appear seldom, reigning silence is favorable to cruises in boat, kayak or water bike.

In Makowo itself, nearby the lake there are restaurants with dancing, discotheques, numerous bars, shops and water equipment rentals.


Jezioro Jeziorak - Bogdanka Iława town, with numerous Neo-Gothic monuments and trails, is situated by Jeziorak Lake.

Szymbark - village by Szymbarskie Lake, mentioned as settlement by the castle for the first time in 1378. In the historic park there are ruins of Gothic castle. Walls with 10 towers (the highest -24 m) have been preserved. One can driver into the castle by arcade bridge. The old oaks alley leads to the castle from the side of Kamionka village.

50 km away from BOGDANKA Grunwald and Malbork with Teutonic castle are situated. On the way there are unique in the world slipways pulling ships by land between lakes. Nearby there is a castle in Karnity and two horse farms.